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Tamper Proof Tapes/Labels Tapes

Secure T.R.A.C self wound tamper evident tape or T.R.A.C seal labels can be used to seal your goods and will provide physical  visual evidence of tampering by revealing a hidden message if the tape is peeled. In order to prevent reapplication of the tape a special coating has been applied so that it cannot be resealed. Both products are sequentially numbered to prevent application of an identical piece of tape after removing the original seal. The high performance solvent based adhesive is resistant to both high and low  temperatures and will not deteriorate upon aging. 


Secure T.R.A.C tape and T.R.A.C seal labels can be supplied in customised form with  your logo/company name on the face and the hidden message designed to your specification. Also available in various colours and a selection of adhesive systems to suit your particular application.


Secure T.R.A.C. Tamper evident tape 


Supplied in self wound rolls in a variety of widths. The tape is applied as you would any normal carton sealing tapes, either by hand tape guns or by automated mechanical dispensers.


T.R.A.C Seal Labels


Available in rolls and sheets in a variety of shapes or die cut to your specification. 







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